CORC received $287.14 in 2015
Only 9 of our households helped us earn this amount by having CORC listed as their rewards recipient.
Imagine how much more free money could come the club’s way if we had even more households sign up.
Please Follow the instructions below

Note: this does take away from your fuel points.

1.) Log onto
2.) Either sign in if you already have an account or Register
3.) Once Signed In select community then community rewards
4.) If already a member view your rewards details
5.) Make sure CORC is shown in your details, if not edit
6.) At the bottom of the page select account registration
7.) Scroll down to Community rewards and select edit
8.) Fill in 91723 and hit search
9.) Check the circle below that shows CORC
10.) Hit enroll
11.) Now at the bottom of this page it should show CORC


(We know it wasn’t an easy task…)

FYI… Amazon has a similar program that benefits CORC,
if you are interested… Contact the secretary for details… Thanks!
Updated 4-16